Life Alert
Mom and ILife Alert for Younger Adults





Life with Life Alert

There is a way that seniors who live alone can now live at home longer, rather than selling their home and going into one of the many retirement centers dotted across the land.

If there were a way to extend the time spent in one's own home by 6 years, wouldn't that be better, financially and emotionally? But, what about accidents? For seniors who live alone and could not reach the telephone in an emergency, who would help them? Now, there is a system to meet the need--Life Alert.

As the years pass, our health risks increase exponentially. We find ourselves more susceptible to injuries, falls, and fractures. There are also life-threatening police, fire, and medical emergencies--for example, every minute in the United States, someone experiences a stroke, with the risk doubling for every ten years over age 55.

The American Heart Association tells us that four out of five people who die of coronary disease are 65 years of age or older. And fire? 4 out of 5 deaths from fire occur to people 65 and older.

But now there is Life Alert to help seniors. Life Alert has a small pendant worn on the person. It is activated by pressing a button which instantly activates a control unit located in one's home. The unit immediately notifies the Life Alert Monitoring Center, beginning a two-way voice exchange between the wearer and an operator. Should there be no response from the wearer, Life Alert immediately notifies the proper authorities, and help is on the way!

Life Alert is not just for seniors. We also provide security and peace of mind for the many adults living alone both young and old. One press of our remote will connect any member of Life Alert to immediate assistance 24hr a day. Police, Fire or Medical emergency, you’re never alone with Life Alert.

Come be a part of the Life Alert Emergency Response team. Help us provide security and peace of mind Nationally.