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A Broadband World: The Promise of Advanced Services (1)

Excerpted from an article by Matthew D. Bennett, Public Policy Director, Alliance for Public Technology (Letter No. 8, February 5, 2004)
The following piece discusses ways in which broadband technology can and will bring more advanced services into the home. Below, we have excerpted their discussion to focus on the areas of telemedicine, public safety, emergencies, and seniors. Many experts predict broadband applications will make useful and even life-saving services available to all areas of the country -- many of which were, in the past, only available in urban centers such as New York and other big cities. The upshot is that many senior citizens nationwide, thanks to broadband, will now be able to do more at home, and feel safer at home, for many productive years.
--Dr. Don Rose, Writer, Life Alert


For all the sound and fury about city fiber projects, most of the debate around services focuses on doing what we do now, only more of it and faster. Zippier internet? Sure. More video channels? Of course. More responsible customer service? We certainly hope so. But what about all the things that true broadband will allow that simply aren’t possible at DSL or cable modem speeds? The article abstracted below focuses on these “advanced services”.
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