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Saturated Fats and the Lungs” (1)

Here is an area of great interest to all, especially senior citizens – saturated fats. For years, the common mantra was that all fats were bad, and to be avoided. As we get older, obesity becomes more of a problem, and hence the fats in our diet take on greater importance.  However, science and medicine have become much more sophisticated in deciding which fats are good or bad, for which people, and under what conditions. Dr. Enig’s article, reprinted below, touches on some of these issues, including the relationship between fats and the lungs. 
--Dr. Don Rose, Writer, Life Alert
Yes fat? No fat? High fat? Low fat? Wrong questions! A better question would be, how much of what kind of fat and why? Yes, we need added fat in our diets or we lose the synergistic effects from the natural fats in our foods. Such fats provide us with appropriate satiety signals; they ensure absorption of important fat-soluble vitamins, phytonutrients and important minerals; and they provide the raw material for skin health, hormone production and adequate energy storage.
The use of lowfat diets is increasingly recognized as counter productive. Without good quality fat in the diet to promote proper satiety signals, we tend to overeat those foods that are readily available. And since "readily available" foods are either high in simple carbohydrates or partially hydrogenated fats and oils or both, and since these foods promote insulin resistance, it is easy to head in the direction of obesity.
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